Current Members
Lauren Sallan, PhD
Martin Meyerson Assistant Professor in Interdisciplinary Studies, Department of Earth and Environmental Science
University of Pennsylvania

Graduate Students

Erynn Johnson
PhD Student, Earth and Environmental Science; NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Project: The Role of Crushing Predation in the Mesozoic Marine Revolution 

Aja Carter 
PhD Student, Earth and Environmental Science 
Project: Obstacle-crossing Capabilities in Temnospondyls (Amphibia) and the Functional Demands of Life on Land

John Sime 
PhD Student, Earth and Environmental Science
Project: A Multifaceted Exploration of Evolutionary Stasis in Fishes

Undergraduate Students

Jack Stack (Senior Thesis)
Ben Franklin Scholar, Penn Class of 2019
Project: The Diversity and Ecology of Permo-Carboniferous Fishes.

Jisoo Kim (Senior Thesis)
Earth Science Major, Penn Class of 2018
Project: Testing Habitat-Body Form Relationships in Fishes Across Time.

Victoria Zhang
Penn Class of 2020
Project: Size Trends, Suturing, and Crushing Resistance in Ammonoids

Briana DiMarco
Drexel University
Project: Tracking Trends in Shape and Crushing Resistance in Snails

Regina Fairbanks
Penn Class of 2021
Project: Body Size in Late Mesozoic Marine Vertebrates

Jeremy Wyman
Penn Class of 2021
Project: Fish Faunal Change in the Late Mesozoic

Jeffrey Manner
Penn Class of 2020
Project: Body Size Selectivity in Early Vertebrates

Alex Pearlstein
Penn Class of 2021
Project: Fish Responses to the Late Cenozoic Ice Age

Nyazia Sajdah-Bey
Penn Class of 2020
Project: Testing the Functional Implications of Fish Form Through 3D Printing

Francesca Marini
Penn Class of 2021
Project: Tracking the Survival of Fishes Over the End-Cretaceous Extinction

Past Members
Student Advisees:
Bryan Juarez, MS (2013-2015)
Frontiers MS student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan (Now: PhD Student, Iowa State University)
Andrew Galimberti (2013-2015)
Senior Thesis Student, Biology, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI (Now: Entomologist, Cornell Extension)
Travis Lumpkin, MSAG (2016-2017)
MS in Applied Geology student, EES, Penn (Now: High School Teacher, Mannasas School District)

Research Assistants:
Elizabeth Coulter (2017) Undergraduate, University of Pennsylvania
Alana Rosen (2017) Undergraduate, University of Delaware
Abigail Waugh (2017) PURM Undergraduate, University of Pennsylvania
Charles Sansone (2017) PURM Undergraduate, University of Pennsylvania
Saloni Wadhwa (2017) Undergraduate, University of Pennsylvania
Sabine Nix (2017) Undergraduate, University of Pennsylvania
Karl Ekert (2017) Haverford High School
Zara Turner (2015) Undergraduate, University of Pennsylvania
Catherine Breiner (2015) Undergraduate, University of Pennsylvania
Nina Vithayathil (2015) Undergraduate, University of Pennsylvania
Britney Vazquez (2015) MSAG Research Assistant, University of Pennsylvania
Althea Escorce (2015) Undergraduate, University of Pennsylvania
Matthew Scott (2015) Undergraduate, University of Pennsylvania
Wei Tang (2015) MS Student, Architecture, University of Pennsylvania
Julia Slater (2015) Undergraduate, English, University of Pennsylvania
Tyler Carlton (2013-2014) Undergraduate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Anthropology, University of Michigan
Gregory Hanafin (2013) Undergraduate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Anthropology, University of Michigan
Michelle Park (2013) Undergraduate, Program in the Environment, University of Michigan
Scott Johnston (2012-2013) Undergraduate, University of Michigan